Dog & Cat Transportation Services



Rosey Lane Pet Transport is an exclusive pet ground transport company providing group and private family door to door transportation for Dog Shipping and puppies throughout the United States. Our primary goal is to provide your dogs with Tender Loving Care during their travels with us.

  • Rosey Lane Pet Transport offers ground shipping Dog/Cat Transportation Services for your beloved pet(s). They will have to be dropped off at our office the day before or day of transport. 

  • We offer private family transports and intimate group transports.

  • Our primary goal is your pet's comfort, safety and happiness while they are entrusted to us.

  • Our guarantee is that no transport will take longer than 4 day's.

  • Spacious carrier's and new bedding are provided for each transport.

  • Private Transport – We transport only your dog or family of dogs. Our drivers are dedicated exclusively to your pet(s) with no other dogs or cats in our vehicle.

  • We will use our large customized deluxe suv for our larger private family transports for customers with more than 4 dogs/cats. 

  • You may send along all of your pet’s belongings that will be needed at their destination.

  • All dog/cat breeds are welcomed.

  • Senior dogs/cats and handicapped dogs/cats are our specialty.

  • All of our drivers are trained to administer medication and injections.

  • Veterinarian is on call at all times.

  • Dogs are walked and exercised every 4 hours. Puppies under 12 weeks will be walked on concrete only.

  • Fresh water is always available and provided by Rosey Lane. And your dog(s) will be fed according to your instructions.

  • We provide everything needed for transport except your dog’s food and collar. If you prefer your dog wears a halter or harness, please provide that upon pickup.

  • Your dog(s) will NEVER be left unattended.

  • Professional and experienced and mature drivers.

  • Unlimited cell phone access to your dog’s driver during their trip.

  • We offer nationwide door to door and coast to coast services for our lower 48 states.

  • Licensed by the NC Department of Agriculture

Rates for Pet Transports are figured by the size of your pet and how much space they occupy in our van (carrier dimensions cost chart is below) plus a gas surcharge of .20 cents per mile of your total transport miles from our office to the delivery address and back to office (pick up location to drop off location to pick up location). Private transports are figured by the round trip mile. This is the current gas surcharge rate as of April 1st, 2020. As gas prices change, so will the percentage rate. Adjustments are made the first of every month. There is also a 3% credit card processing fee. No fee if paid in cash.

To figure up a quote for a trip, add the cost for crate space plus .20 cents a mile from zip code to zip code and back to starting zip code together. We do not charge tax or for tolls with a group transport. There will be no extra charges.


Example: Let’s say your total miles from pickup to delivery and back to pick up are 800 miles. You multiply the 800 miles by .20 cents = $160. Then add that to the crate size that your pet, let’s say a poodle (17 inches tall), will need. So that size crate (space) is $520 + $160 = $680. So, $680 would be the total for your transport (tax and tolls included). The chart below will help you determine the size crate you will need for your pets. We will supply all crates needed for transport.


Please measure your dogs from their paws to the top of their head while they are standing, making sure to allow them enough room to stand and turn around easily.** The height is the most important. Get that right and the length and width will allow for more than ample enough room for your dog.


Your cats can ride in the same crate together at only $100 for each additional cat. Sharing a crate can cut your cost down considerably. (your cats and dogs do not share crates with other customers). Of course, we will use a larger size carrier if there is more than one cat per crate. Each crate will be large enough to hold a full size litter box and allow your cat(s) ample room for walking around..

Our sturdy soft canvas crates have zippers. Which makes it impossible for a cat to dart out of it’s crate while your driver attends to their needs.


When traveling cross country, we prefer that you order at least one size larger carrier for your dog or cat, as your pets’ comfort is our major concern.


We supply everything that will be needed for your  pet transport: all crates, bedding, bowls, litter boxes and litter, collars, leashes and bottled water. All you need to furnish is your pet’s food and a Health Certificate, This Health Certificate should state that your pet is healthy enough to travel and list their current vaccinations and also Rabies. Titer tests are accepted. It must be signed by a licensed veterinarian.